Rebel One launched publicly one year ago! Can you believe it?

This year has been challenging for many — including me — and at times feels like multiple years have passed, yet I feel proud by all we accomplished and thankful for the impact centered community that made it all possible.

The pandemic burdened our global founder community resulting in jobs lost, businesses closed, and the cancellation of historically critical events where founders obtain capital — such as SXSW. Rebel One reacted by co-hosting “S Virtual” with local advocacy organizations Harlem Labs, AUTM, and ReThink Austin ( Following, we launched…

Rebel One just released its report on the Chicago venture capital and startup ecosystem highlighting the players that are supporting and accelerating early stage startups. This report is a part of a series of research reports on the startup ecosystem of cities outside of the typical Boston, New York, and Silicon Valley concentrations of capital.

Our intent is to elevate the change makers and ecosystem builders operating outside the historical epicenters and enable venture capitalists who are looking to invest in a more diverse set of founders to have a lay of the land as they look to build bridges…

Pierre Laguerre, CEO of Fleeting, Inc.

Rebel One, a venture capital fund and investor training program backing rebel founders recently invested in Fleeting — a startup connecting commercial drivers with on-demand trucking jobs. The deal was lead by Sherman Williams, member of the Rebel One Network and Managing Partner of the Academy Investor Network — a recently launched fund and syndicate of U.S. Service Academy graduates backing game changing founders.

The Managing Partner of Rebel One, Sergio Marrero, interviewed Fleeting’s CEO, Pierre Laguerre on RBL1 Live — an online series elevating venture investors and CEOs. …

“I can’t breathe.” George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man gasps while a police officer holding his knee on Floyd’s neck pins him to the pavement while Floyd is in handcuffs. (Full coverage by the Washington Post)

As of May 31st, 2020 there have been protests in at least 75 cities across the United States and Europe in response to the death of George Floyd. Some demonstrations have turned violent and involved the National Guard in at least 11 states.

Venture capital is an apprenticeship field. Learning how to invest as a venture capitalist is like learning how to play guitar or any other instrument — the best way to learn is to do it. Below are a number of programs that focus on this field. We did not include full-time business programs in colleges or universities such as MBA programs as for the most part, they are expensive, time intensive, and focus on theory rather than practice.

Venture Deals

A self-paced online course by Brad Feld, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Foundry, with a set of videos that covers…

Rebel One — is looking for an MBA Intern and Undergraduate Intern. Below is the internship description and the appropriate application link is at the end of each section.




About Rebel One — RBL1 Ventures

Rebel One — RBL1 is an investor network that democratizes access to investing by delivering training and enabling participants to invest. We focus on investing in technology ventures moving the world towards zero disease, zero pollution, zero poverty, and zero inequality. Rebel One — RBL1 Ventures sources, selects, and syndicates capital into emerging technology ventures for a better world.

The purpose of Rebel One — RBL1 Venture’s Investor Network is to support the next generation of angels, emerging fund managers, and venture capitalists. We believe…

Here are a few links to the best Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources that were shared with me and that I could gather.

I oscillate between calmness and freaking out. Reading these articles helped me gain some perspective. It is serious and we should stay informed.


  1. The Coronavirus is spreading fast — faster than the flu and influenza. with each person diagnosed on average infecting 2.5 others. Putting it into perspective — it is estimated the 1300+ cases identified in the U.S. on 3/10 will be 13,000 by 3/17, and 130,000 by 3/24. It’s getting real.
  2. It is dangerous — especially for…

At RBL1 (Rebel One) Ventures we aim to make the investment process as transparent and smooth as possible for founders as well as thorough. Our primary responsibility is to make sound investments on behalf of our limited partners — our funders — in order to maximize our return on investment, but we realize the fundraising process can be a burden for founders. …

After the initial conversation with an investor and reviewing your pitch deck, you may receive requests for follow up due diligence. This is a sign the investor is interested and digging into the “nuts and bolts” of your business to understand what makes it tick, where you are in your development, and where they can add value.

It is best practice to have a “data room” of these documents ready to go. A “data room” is a GoogleDrive or a Drop Box for investors to review. …

Sergio Marrero

Founder. Investor. Builder.

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